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Titel: Udsættelse af olieforbrug hos Nukissiorfiit, Nuuk
Fagområde: Energi
Termiske maskiner
Andet: Økonomi
Nøgleord: Fjernvarme, akkumuleringstank, udjævning af døgnkurve


Hvordan kan man, miljøvenligt, udsætte afbrænding af olie i Nuuk?

Engelsk resumé:

The author of this bachelor project is a student from Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, on 6th semester. 6th semester is divided in two parts; the first part is an internship, at a company, and the second is to form a bachelor project, based on a related subject.

This bachelor project is based on the student’s internship at Nukissiorfiit in Greenland. Nukissiorfiit is an energy company, who delivers utilities for the population in 17 cities and 53 small settlements, various places within Greenland. 15 local divisions have the responsibility for these cities and settlements. The strategy at Nukissiorfiit is to deliver environmentally friendly energy, while obtaining focus on reliability and economical aspects.

The capital in Greenland, called Nuuk, is supplied with power from a hydroelectric plant. The power consumers are diverted into three different user groups. These are; light and utility power, electric household heating and commercial district heating. In the last few years during winter, the capacity at the hydroelectric plant has been at maximum load. A load governor will ensure regulation of the power. When the capacity is at the maximum load, the load governor will reduce the power to the district heating. Several 10 kV electric hot water boilers are used as primary district heat producers. To obtain sufficient supply during this scenario, oil fired boilers are used. By using oil boilers, Nukissiorfiit will not be environmentally friendly. ETP Consult, a power analyst firm, had looked at the power situation at Nuuk. ETP Consult has highlighted the power situation as a problem, in the future. Because of a higher immigration in Nuuk, the energy consumption will continue to increase.

It is not possible to expand the existing hydroelectric plant. But in the nearby future, two big industries will possibly build some new great hydroelectric plants close to Nuuk. Nukissiorfiit might get an active part in the technical solutions and incorporate Nuuk’s energy situation into these solutions. Several years of preparation and construction follows, before these projects produces. In the meantime Nukissiorfiit is looking for solutions to reduce the use of oil.

The main topic of this bachelor project is to minimize the use of oil while obtaining focus on reliability and economical aspects. Through day graphs and technical data from Nukissiorfiit, this project will cover feasible solutions and chose one of them for a deeper thesis.

Forfatter(e): Carsten Vestergaard
Uploadet af: Carsten Dahlgaard Vestergaard
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