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Titel: Forandringsledelse
Fagområde: Management
Nøgleord: Forandringsledelse

Forandring gennem ottetrinsprocessen

Engelsk resumé:

This Bachelor report is based on the company Samson Agro, and will deal with change management and how John P. Kotter’s 8-step model can be used to achieve the desired change. Samson Agro has more than 65 years of experience in developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment for distributing manure. Over the past few years, the company has initiated a number of new initiatives, but how can these changes be implemented? According to Kurt Lewin all change projects have to go through 3 phases; the unfreezing phase, the transition phase and the freezing phase.

Many things have an influence on a change process.  With the 8-step model, Kotter gives an estimate of how this change can happen.

The first 4 steps are the unfreezing phase and are about how to unfreeze the organization and convince the employees why the changes are necessary. The first 4 steps are; step 1 – create urgency, step 2 – form a powerful coalition, step 3 – create a vision for change, step 4 – communicate the vision.

The next 2 steps are about the transition phase and are about how to implement the changes by developing new behaviors, values and attitudes. This can be obtained by creating short-terms wins and to make sure the employees have the right skills. The 2 steps are; step 5 – remove obstacles, step 6 – create short-term wins.

The last 2 steps are the freezing phase. The freezing phase has to ensure that you will not fall back into the old habits again by making the new way of doing the things, a part for the culture. It is important the leaders continue to support the change and victory is not declared too early.  The last 2 steps are; step 7 – build on the change, step 8 – anchor the changes in corporate culture.   

Kotter’s 8 – step model deals with the factors which may have an influence on change process, and it will help to create the desired change.

Forfatter(e): Rasmus N Nielsen
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