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Titel: Layoutoptimering ved Vink Plast Aps
Fagområde: Management
Engelsk resumé:

This assignment examines how the production layout of the plastic processing factory Vink Plast can
support future machinery investments. By mapping the current situation it is shown that the investments
cannot be placed without a replacement of the layout.
The approach is positivistic and to examine the problem both qualitative and quantitative methods
are used in form of observations, measuring, production data, videos, questionnaires and interviews.
The foundation of the analysis is taken in the seven waste types of which four is taken in consideration
when restructuring the layout. Particularly transportation of materials and handling during setups
are examined to point out conspicuous problems. The new layout aims to reduce the extent of
these waste types. The analysis shows three focus areas which are to be part of the restructuring.
The conclusion of this study is that replacing the group of surface milling machines and making an
investment to perform the second time cutting by other means, will end up in a new layout of the
production which support future investments. The new layout will furthermore reduce the extent of
the waste types.
The investment calculation shows that the time of pay back is estimated to be under two years.
In extension to the changes of the layout Vink Plast can take advantages of SMED training courses,
an automatic tool vending machine and a 5S project to bring down the time used on setups.

Forfatter(e): Danni Søndergaard
Uploadet af: Malene Køpke Rasmussen
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