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Titel: Bachelorprojekt om trykluftanlæg
Fagområde: Optimering
Nøgleord: Trykluft, optimering
Engelsk resumé:

This bachelor project is made as a result of my 4 month of work experience on completion of my studies as bachelor in marine engineering and technologic management.

It took place at Elopak Denmark in Lystrup, near Aarhus, at the maintenance department. This project will focus on optimizing and mapping the compressed air system at Elopak.

The subject of this project is a request from Elopak, since they have no knowledge of the actual amount of air they are consuming and at what cost. Elopak is also facing an expansion of the production with one more printing line. In that context it is important for them to know if the compressor central can handle such an  increase in air flow. The quality of the compressed air is also a topic in this project 

During the time at Elopak there has been an information gathering where the flow has been measured for each printing line and other main consumers. The purpose hereof  is to make an analysis of each machine’s air consumption and  identify leaks and come up with suggestions for  improvements.

For a valid analysis of the compressor central there have been two external companies have been  measuring and calculate if the compressors are the most suitable for Elopaks needs.

The project will make comments on each companies evaluation and point out the advantages and disadvantages and make a recommendation of wish solution to choose.

A thorough examination of different types of filtration and treatment will be done and finally a conclusion will be made if Elopak if they comply with ISO 8573-1 (2010). 

Forfatter(e): Anders Flak Warming
Uploadet af: Anders Flak Warming
Hovedfil: PDF document Bachelor projekt.pdf
Bilag: Archive (RAR) Bilag 2-12.rar
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