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Titel: Slambehandling på TORM Louise
Nøgleord: sludge

projekt om incineratordrift på skibet torm louise.

Engelsk resumé:

This project takes place at the vessel TORM Louise. TORM Louise is an oil tanker, which means that the cargo the vessel is transporting is oil products. The project on the vessel regards the handling of the sludge produces, which are products from the ship’s engine room. Vessels like TORM Louise are, most of the time, using a type of fuel called heavy fuel. This type of fuel requires a purification before it is clean enough to be used as fuel in the engines. To make the fuel so clean that it can be used as fuel, the heavy fuel is passed through a purifier, and the waste products, which are separated in this process are called sludge. There will also be produced sludge in the lubrication system, and from draining the settling tanks. This oily waste product needs to be treated in a way, so the vessel can get rid of it. The way that the vessel TORM Louise is treating the sludge, is by burning it in an incinerator. The problem concerning ship is heating is that the cost of running the incinerator is close to half a million DKK. a year. As the price for getting rid of the sludge is relatively high there is background for this project.  In the project the focus will be on the kind of fuel, which is being used, to see if it makes sense to buy a fuel of a better quality, and consequently, producing less sludge. A problem, which also will be handled in the project, is that the incinerator is using a big amount of diesel to make the sludge burn in the incinerator. The manufacturer of the incinerator has the experience, that it should be possible to get the sludge to burn by itself. Therefore it is a focus point in the project to get knowledge about the working process of the incinerator process, and see if some adjustments can be made, which will lead to better economy for the incinerator.  The approach used to find an answer to the problem statement is by getting knowledge about the sludge system, as well as analyses of data from the sounding cards, oil journals and reports. To support the empirical data and the theory, specialists, such as Olie Genbrug Danmark (Oil Recycling Denmark), ATLAS Inc., Shell Denmark and TORM, will be contacted. 6 different approaches to the problem statement will be used while working with the project.

  1. Is it possible to reduce the amount of produce sludge and therefor improve the diesel consumption and running hours?
  2. Why is there a difference in the diesel consumption?
  3. Will a better purification of the sludge lead to less running hours and diesel consumption?
  4. Is the alternative to the use of diesel in the secondary burners?
  5. Will there be an economic benefit by sending the sludge to a harbor facility instead of burning it.
  6. Is it possible to change the daily handling of sludge, and by that save working hour?

The conclusion in the report is that is not an option to reduce the amount of produced sludge. A reason for the difference in the diesel consumption is based on high water level in the sludge, and because of there will be a benefit, if there a better purification though settling is implemented. Also using heavy fuel as a secondary fuel will give some benefits, but only under operation. There will also be made some conclusions regarding the economy of sending sludge to a harbor facility in the report. The final conclusion in the report is that there is at great potential in optimizing the handling of sludge onboard the vessel TORM Louise. 

Forfatter(e): Peter Groth Brøker
Uploadet af: Peter Groth Brøker
Hovedfil: PDF document Slambehandling på TORM Louise, Peter Brøker.pdf
Bilag: PDF document Bilag,Slambehandling på TORM Louise, Peter Brøker.pdf
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