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Titel: Bilas Ansvarstrekant
Fagområde: Management
Nøgleord: Organisationsstruktur - Ledelsesstile - Gruppeadfærd - Kommunikation

Analyse af Ansvarstrekant

Engelsk resumé:

The project is based on an internship as a project manager at Bila, which is a company that develops and sells automation solutions. The automation solution is basically an industrial robot in the right size, with specific tool and equipment designed for the customer’s needs. When a customer buys a specifically designed automation solution, employees from relevant units will be asked to join the project. The relevant employees will then be a part of a piece of paper with their picture on. This piece of paper with at least 4 pictures of workers on it is at Bila named “The Responsibility Triangle”. At the top of this triangle is the Project Manager, and below this person, three other employees relevant to the project e.g. Programmer, Constructor and Project Fitter. Each of these four employees has their own responsibility area, which is specific to the different projects. Within the last two years this “Responsibility Triangle” has been a new way to illustrate the employee and his area of responsibility.

During the internship at Bila, work included daily interaction with employees at the Project Management Department. This department has several market units in order to keep high level of industry knowledge. The high level of output from this Project Management Department made most of the days at Bila very busy. Every project has interaction across groups of employees and made me understand some of the issues it raised.

The internship and “The Responsibility Triangle” led me to the main question for this assignment:

In its present form which framework conditions does The Responsibility Triangle have?”

In order to answer this question I needed to do a lot of research on this issue. I decided to form an Interview Theme and an Interview Guide for the topic. The theme is sent to four employees in order to have all members of the Responsibility Triangle present. These four employees are then interviewed using the questions from the Interview Guide and this method yields the most substantial information to analyse the Responsibility Triangle according to relevant theory.

The topics theory and the interviews were analysed and this led to some issues at Bila. Today the Organization Structure is modern but issues involving all employees still have two leaders. This sometimes gives the Project Manager some issues regarding leadership. This issue might be less harmful, if more internal discussions were to be held in the preliminary process of a project.

The Responsibility Triangle is a great illustration to the employees to visually see who is on a specific project. Furthermore it has the ability to show the overall Responsibility Area for the pictured person in the Triangle. But there is room for further development of the Triangle, regarding more communication and efforts on leadership styles according to the person’s competences and work experience. Bila can also work on putting the right group of employees in the Triangle to form a more efficient group, which could be the solution that would eliminate most issues.

Finally it is important to stress the fact that, I did not find major issues that Bila has to work on immediately. The company has been open minded about all the changes that have been made during the great expansion numbers of employees on account of business growth. I believe a strong organization of staff like that of Bila is asset to essential employees within the firm in an ever changing world.

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