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The international students are all excited about AAMS

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The international students are all excited about AAMS
by Jacob Munkholm Jensen - Thursday, 1 May 2014, 11:44 AM

The international students are all excited about AAMS

The four gyus with AK and 1 metre of beer at Nødstoppet.

Clemens, Manuel, Marcel and Kai are now more than half way through their stay here at AAMS, where they tend classes at the Energy – Technology and Management elective. So far they are all very satisfied with their stay in Aarhus.

“Couldn’t be better!”

That’s the first reaction to my question about how the four international AAMS-students are doing so far in Aarhus and at AAMS. I haven’t even tried to persuade them one bit – they all seem very sincere and mean every word. The three Germans and one Australian came to Denmark app. three months ago and they all live the good life at the Grundfos dormitory – having the best view in town among other internationals and Danish neighbors.

A lot of knowledge
When their stay finish in June, they will be looking back at a very different semester – both socially and theoretically. So far they have learned things about energy technology that they wouldn’t have learn back home, and they all especially like the project work and many fieldtrips and visits at relevant industry such as power plants etc.

“It gives the theories a very different angel and helps us understand them a lot better instead of just memorizing everything without getting to the bottom of it,” Kai says. He adds that he during his stay at AAMS has visited a lot more relevant industry than he could ever get to visit during an ordinary semester at his home university, RMIT, in Melbourne, Australia.

Best buddies ever!
But one thing is studying, another thing is social life. Fortunately, once again AAMS and our town lives up to all expectations. In particular Clemens, Manuel, Marcel and Kai want to highlight their Danish buddies, who all have become good friends. The so-called buddy-arrangement is actually a setup provided by AAMS in order to ensure that the international students get to feel comfortable in the new environment.

But in this case the good chemistry between them resulted in more than just a brief introduction to Aarhus. They still spend time together every week, party together, take them on fishing trips and dine together on regular basics etc.

“The buddies really do a great job, and they have done it right from the start. They found bikes for us, and they fix our flat tires whenever necessary,” Manuel admits. The four internationals even gave one of the buddies (his name is banned by censorship) an English-course, because they feel such an urge and responsibility for improving his language skills … smile (attempted Danish humor)

The canteen and the coordinator
All in all there is no doubt that Clemens, Manuel, Marcel and Kai will recommend a semester at AAMS to their fellow students at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences and at the RMIT in Melbourne. Even though Denmark is rather more expensive than Germany (but not more expensive than Australia), all four agree that they’re having a blast.

Another highlight is the food in the canteen (they all agree that Henrik is such a nice guy), and last but not least of course the intensive help, provided by the international coordinator, Anna-Kathrine.

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The Grundfos dormatory represents a great international environment with people from many different countries living and having a good time together.