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An international semester at AAMS – what’s it like?

Picture of Jacob Munkholm Jensen
An international semester at AAMS – what’s it like?
by Jacob Munkholm Jensen - Tuesday, 20 December 2016, 12:14 PM
An international semester at AAMS – what’s it like?

Time flies when you are having fun. That’s what happened to Nikunj Soni from Texas, USA, and Enzo van Vliet from the Netherlands, who both spent a semester with energy, technology and management at AAMS.

Nik and Enzo

Nik (left) and Enzo at their farewell-party at the Grundfos dormatory in Aarhus.

This semester AAMS welcomed 14 new foreign students at the international elective Energy-Technology and Management at the 8th semester of the marine and technical engineer programme. That is in fact the largest number of international students at this elective, in which the language is English. About half of the students at the elective were Danes. The rest came from the USA, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, China and South Korea.

Informal dialogues and a good atmosphere
Nikunj Soni, 22, study construction management at University of Houston and arrived in Aarhus in August 2016. His term ended in December, and even though the Danish Christmas weather may not have been quite as expected by the Texan, he thoroughly enjoyed his stay. He summons the experience up in a very clear way:

“I cannot wait to bring my skills back to the United States. The Energy Line gave me a wide range of information in the field of sustainable energy infrastructure and development. Overall, I can definitely say that I got the skills and experience that I wanted out of this elective,” Nikunj Soni says.

“The most interesting thing was the way our class was set up. I learned the benefits of collaboration and prolonged group work. What was particularly fantastic was the open, informal dialogue I was able to maintain with the teachers. I felt comfortable asking any questions I had and communicated with the instructors freely.”

An interesting and challenging semester
Nikunj Soni is backed up by his fellow Dutch student Enzo van Vliet, 23, who has both enjoyed the atmosphere of the small city of Aarhus as well as the professional level of the elective:

“My main interest is renewable energy, and that’s really the main reason I’m here. The elective is a real good preparation if you want to become a leader in an international business. I certainly saw the value in it and built up a foundation of good management and leadership. The semester became more and more challenging in a good way – it called for motivation and dedication, and it certainly paid off in the end,” Enzo says.

Recommendations to friends
Both Nikunj and Enzo have no doubts that they will recommend a semester at AAMS to their friends back home. And it is not only a question of experiencing something different:

“I recommend it to everyone who wants to know more about renewable energy and management, who wants to improve their language skills and develop their international network, “ Enzo says.
Nikunj gets the last word about the subject:

“I know many friends that are as passionate about energy and sustainability as I am. I would certainly recommend AAMS to friends back home not only for the energy line elective, but also because Denmark is a great place to learn about energy. The Danes have done a terrific job of committing themselves to energy advancements, and learning in this environment has made the experience that much better. “