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Deltag i Experts in Teams - tilmeld dig nu / Experts in Teams 2017 - apply now

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Deltag i Experts in Teams - tilmeld dig nu / Experts in Teams 2017 - apply now
by Jacob Munkholm Jensen - Thursday, 1 June 2017, 10:02 AM
Deltag i Experts in Teams - tilmeld dig nu

Experts in Teams er et Innovations-tiltag for ambitiøse studerende, og alle interesserede AAMS'ere er inviteret med. Der er deadline for tilmelding den 16. juni, og kurset løber af stabelen i efteråret '17. Årets tema er bæredygtighed. Læs mere om konceptet herunder!

Experts in Teams

What is Experts in Teams?

Experts in Teams is a unique course where you will strengthen your competencies in interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation processes. You will work together with fellow students from other educational programs and your team will have to develop innovative solutions for micro and small companies.

The course is a valuable supplement to your daily educational programme and your takeaways are multiple. You will gain new insights into group dynamics and innovation processes - both of which are extremely useful for your professional career.

What are your takeaways?

  • You’ll strengthen your innovative competencies in collaboration with micro-companies and fellow students.
  • You’ll also collaborate closely with a case-company and dig into a specific company challenge related to sustainability.
  • You’ll learn a lot about group dynamics in your interdisciplinary team and explore your particular role and contribution to the team.
  • You’ll participate in a unique course that especially qualifies you for your internship and future career.
  • You’ll become aware of how your personal and professional competencies drive innovation processes.
  • You’ll experience the challenges of working in an interdisciplinary and intercultural setting
  • You’ll expand your professional network with companies and fellow students
  • The course is added to your programme diploma

What is the aim of the course?

Interdisciplinary teamwork involves the combining of two or more academic disciplines into one activity. It is about creating something new by thinking across boundaries.

The aim of the course is threefold. You become an expert in teamwork. You learn how to use your own competencies within the team. You try out a practice-based innovation process in collaboration with fellow students and a micro company or organization. 

Your qualifications

In order to gain a valuable learning outcome, it is important that you have the following qualifications:

  • You are a talented student with have strong professional qualifications
  • You have acquired work experience from a student job or voluntary work
  • You are highly motivated to work with innovation and interdisciplinarity from a theoretical and practical point of view with an open mind-set
  • You are prepared to work in-depth with your own theoretical and professional competencies within the team
  • You intend to work professionally in the team and in the collaboration with the company, your fellow students and guest students
  • You are prepared to attend all classes and the workshop together with your team
  • You are a student in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th semester of an AP degree or Bachelor’s programme or in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd semester of Bachelor’s top-up programme.

Facts about Experts in Teams

  • The method has been developed in a collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science & Technology and Business Academy Aarhus
  • Experts in Teams is an extra-curricular course for all participants
  • 100 students participate from Business Academy Aarhus together with students from other educational institutions from Denmark or abroad. 
  • Students become part of so-called villages with 30-35 students and 5-6 teams.
  • Each team has 5-6 members.
  • Each village works with the same case-company.
  • The team members in each team are from a minimum of three different educational programmes such as finance, computer science and marketing.
  • The case-companies have no more than 10 employees and are from different industries.
  • This year’s theme is sustainability – and the theme will be further defined in collaboration with the case-companies.
  • Lecturers from the Academy facilitate the teams. The lecturers are certified facilitators.

Apply now for participation at

Deadline: 16 June 2017!