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Welcome to our international students

Picture of Jacob Munkholm Jensen
Welcome to our international students
by Jacob Munkholm Jensen - Monday, 20 August 2018, 3:11 PM

This semester we are privileged to have 13 international students, who will be following the Energy – Technology and Management elective at the 8. marine- and technical engineer semester.

International students, Aarhus scool of marine and technical engineering

Today we welcome 4 American, 5 Dutch, 1 German, 2 Austrian and 1 Italian student. As it was the case with our former international students, our new guests have been teamed up with Danish buddies, who will make sure that they get to know the town and the Danish ways in general.

The international group come from University of Houston, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, FH Wien and La Sapienza Universitá Roma. The name ”University of Applied Sciences” is the ‘European word’ for the Danish Professionsbachelor.

Our elective subject "Energy - Technology and Management" is open for both Danish and international students. The aim of the elective is to provide technical insight into various types of energy technologies and an overall understanding of energy management and energy management systems. Furthermore, the aim is to bring together international and Danish students in a discussion of present and future energy supply. Our one-semester exchange programme is placed at the 8th semester of the education, just before the concluding bachelor semester for the Danish students. The elective is carried out in English.