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AAMS-students on Field Trip to Copenhagen

Picture of Jacob Munkholm Jensen
AAMS-students on Field Trip to Copenhagen
by Jacob Munkholm Jensen - Wednesday, 4 September 2013, 2:02 PM

AAMS-students on Field Trip to Copenhagen

Visit at the bridge of "Kat Express I." The captain shows the AAMS-students around.

Exciting Field Trip to Copenhagen for International and Danish students in the elective on our 5th term: Energy – Technology and Management Friday August 30th 2013.

As an essential part of module 1 on Denmark and Danish Energy Supply, we had arranged a field trip to Copenhagen to visit two essential companies matching our subjects within the energy course, which we have studied initially the weeks before. Friday morning 14 persons, incl. 10 students, from AAMS sailed from Aarhus Harbour at 07.00 a.m., where Mols Line’s master/captain of the vessel ‘Kat Express I’ invited us onboard.

Watch all the pictures from the trip at facebook - click here!

We had a look at one of the vessel’s four engines when it started and later we visited the bridge. It was fascinating to see the control panels and monitors used to operate and control the powerful vessel. 70 minutes later we arrived on Zealand. It was a very interesting experience.

After our arrival at Avedøre CHP plant (Combined Heat and Power Plant), the marine engineer in charge gave a lecture on the history behind DONG, and the development of Danish Energy from fossils to biomass on the plant’s two power units. We touched and watched samples of chalk, oils, gas, wood pellets, wood chips, etc., which all are utilized as energy sources.

Afterwards, we were equipped with safety helmets, safety goggles and a headset to listen to the comments and information as we were transported in elevators and walked up very many steps to see all the different pipelines, turbines and the distribution of various energy sources going through the utility’s two huge units. We had even an interesting and beautiful view over Copenhagen from the height of 92 meters above sea level. We stayed at Avedøre for 2 interesting hours.

Sandwiches and water were then consumed in our hired bus going to the city of Copenhagen, where we arrived at HOFOR (Hovedstadens Forsyning/Københavns Energi)) distribution facility. 

From this facility (formerly known as TURBINEHALLEN) the local pipelines of district heating and district cooling distribute energy to the local customers in the very city of Copenhagen. Firstly, we went 40 meters below surface/ground to see the huge pipelines coming from Amager Power Plant (another CHP plant) in a tunnel of 2.4 km directly from Amager. It was really an eye opener to see such long tunnels 40 m below surface, which is below the coming tracks for the local METRO LINE. Amazing.

Another tunnel of 900 m distributes energy in another direction. We saw a train (speed of 10 km/h) on a track going in parallel to the pipelines. We sometimes felt the rather hot temperatures down there, as in the pipe connections a lot of steam came out being 55 degrees Celsius. Having reached the surface/ground again, we experienced the rather new system of district cooling. Our NAVITAS building will also be connected in a similar system to such a cooling system for our own purposes directly from the bay.

After 2 hours’ time we left HOFOR again. Our international students saw the Royal Castle and the Maersk financed Opera House, which are all located close to HOFOR.

Before returning to the ferry and Aarhus we had (only) a few pints at NYHAVN. All and all, we had a very inspiring day in the Danish capital where we had profound insight of Danish Energy and CHP plants in practice.

Best Regards from two happy English teachers,
Kirsten Skaaning & Niels Kampmann